big promotion VPS offer Hudsonvalleyhost with big ram?

promotion VPS hudsonvalleyhost with a very large ram, you probably will not believe that hudsonvalleyhost sale unmanage VPS. hudsonvalleyhost a vps provider with a good reputation and a lot of customers are happy with it. in fact many say that the vps here is stable and has a good preformance.

hudsonvalleyhost promotion with 3Gb ram only $ 10/month? is that true? then how to get this promotion? and is it really unlimited?
all the correct answer is yes.
here is read directly to the promotion hudsonvalleyhost:

offering the following yearly plan for a limited amount of time for just $120/yr:
Self-Managed VPS – 3GB Just $10/month
Disk Space: 30GB
Bandwidth: 400GB
Guaranteed Memory: 3072MB
Burst Memory: 3584
IP Addresses: 1
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I just almost sick looking at this promotion, can you imagine the money $ 10 can get a VPS with 3Gb RAM. I’ve done the order yesterday and it turned out as well as the connection speed is very good and stable. that’s my review VPS hudsonvalleyhost
then I webuzo order to facilitate the use of the control panel in my web management.
total runs $ 12.5/monthly x 12 Months = $ 150/yearly is a fantastic price enough for websites with very high traffic. but if you are an expert in the field of management linux and webserver you can use nginx webserver for the better.

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