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Cheap VPS from at main site you can see detail price for XEN VPS just VPS A-Class   only $3,12/month, but at billing order will show price $4.99USD for B-Class XEN VPS Special (256MB).

at main site 2host never update their package. if you want trial how to use VPS you can chose 2host they have very Cheap XEN VPS. stay away if you want good support, 2host support very – very slowly. they site like dead vps provider but their server stay online.

here is review from wht :

Its now going to be 10 hours since my VPS is down I realized after 3 hours of down time that its been down and opened a ticket with my provider I am able to log in to the VPS control panel but it says functionality suspended.

After the first ticket i again raised a 2nd ticket still no response total downtime 10 hours I wonder after a year how come I am facing this issue can some from 2host help me its ticket # 552559

another review :

Indeed, I accept that it is up to me to pay on time. but you know I must get 30 ish from various places for hosting and licences in a month which are allways paid on time.

I still maintain they had a glitch and the email was never sent.

5 days to destroy data beyond recovery without warning is just a joke.

They have still refused to provide a phone number or address or CEO name.

here is the first email I got since the last invoice which was paid.

Dear Anthony Smith,
Your hosting account has been suspended due to non-payment. Details of the account are below:
Product/Service: E-Class XEN Super Promotion 2010!
Domain: xxxxxxx
Amount: $17.99USD
Due Date: 2010/09/07
Please contact us as soon as possible to get your website back online.
Best regards,

I was shocked and paid it within minutes including a late fee of $10.00 only to then log in straight after to find it was set to terminated.

I raised a ticket which went unanswered well over 24 hours.

I assume they have not bothered setting up whmcs properly based on that incorrect ‘website’ template.

I will be putting the whole support ticket chain on my blog, the level of service I got was what I expect from an outsourced cell phone call center.

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  1. PeterSiegl @ October 7th, 2011 9:08 pm

    Great offer, i will try this host.. many people recommended ot

  2. Jennifer @ October 22nd, 2011 2:58 am

    very informative. Been looking for this info. Thanks.

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