Coupon VPS.Net get free cloud VPS and receive a free $20 credit

Coupon VPS.Net you will get free cloud VPS and receive a free $20 credit, at before i have posted free 1st month with new order from, but now they have promo free vps 1 month and free credit $20 to your account.

how to get this offer? you can get this promo offer just put coupon and enjoy your free first billing monthly and they will add $20 to your account.

As a result of our massive expansion, we’ve decided to allow EVERYONE to try VPS.NET totally free for the first month.

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  • Dedicated CPU 0.6 GHz
  • Dedicated RAM 376MB
  • Disk space 10 GB
  • Network transfer 1 TB
  • Price Daily cost $1
  • Price Monthly cost$20.00
  • VPS.Net
    Expires: Never Expires
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What can the cloud do for me?
The Cloud offers an environment that promises high availability, and extreme scalability. Both of these give you more uptime, and better speeds, which will bring your site more visibility, meaning more visitors and more money in your pocket. The cloud works great for new sites, growing sites and existing sites!

How does your cloud work?
They have several extremely powerful servers working together, all inter-connected, hosting your site. use 48 drive redundant SAN units (meaning 96 drives total powering your site!) to host your data. Your VPS is initially booted up onto one of our servers; if that server ever has a problem, your VPS is immediately hot migrated over to another server. Redundant servers, redundant SAN units, and a dedicated support team of over 100 highly trained professionals means a great hosting experience!

Test IP
Worldwide – THIRTEEN Datacenter Locations
Haarlem, Netherlands (Amsterdam) – Ping Test:
London, England – Ping Test:
Manchester, England – Ping Test:
Atlanta, Georgia – Ping Test:
Chicago, Illinois – Ping Test:
Dallas, Texas – Ping Test:
Salt Lake City, Utah – Ping Test:
San Jose, California – Ping Test:
Washington, D.C. – Ping Test:
Tokyo, Japan – Ping Test:
Singapore – Ping Test:
Frankfurt, Germany – Ping Test:
Paris, France – Ping Test:

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