Free Cloud VPS 2 Month from SecuredServers free trial credits add $50

Free Cloud VPS 2 Month from SecuredServers free trial credits add $50.

SecuredServers give promo deal launch their Cloud Server, get free credit $50 for first time order (this mean you can have free cloud server more than 2 month with memory 512 Mb) why i said this is free, because first order send ticket to securedservers and then they will add credit to you $50 after you have credit $50 create VPS with memory 512 Mb, cost cloud vps with memory now only $18/monthly.

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SecuredServers Not only give you free credit but also they drop price last month ago, Based on VMware, Secured Cloud enables you to manage your online infrastructure easier than ever before via a self-service web portal. From there you can maximize resource utilization while enhancing the security, reliability and flexibility of the business you conduct online.

What makes Secured Cloud an Enterprise Cloud?

* Built on the Cisco UCS platform – Commonly seen as the gold standard for cloud infrastructure
* Utilizing complete 10GBIT Architecture via the Cisco Nexus Platform – In fact each blade chassis utilizes 80Gbits of connectivity.
* Loadbalanced using F5 hardware loadbalancers – (Market Leader in Load Balancing and Application Delivery)
* VMware Hypervisor – Built on the undisputed market leader in Enterprise Virtualization
* Deployed at PhoenixNAP – Ultimate security and Reliability

What is the Difference between Cloud and VPS?
In the event that a single server fails, the VM will be loaded up on another working node automatically – this is not always the case with VPS.
Because servers can be moved within the cluster automatically, if one node gets overloaded, the load will get spread to other nodes with no downtime. This insures customers always have access to their full resource usage.
A number of VPS providers max out the 4 disks in a 1u box using raid 5 or 10 – Using an enterprise storage product like NetAPP lets us split load across 100s of disks DRASTICALLY increasing hard drive performance. VPS providers charge you by the month – we charge by the hour – if you do not need the VM anymore, delete it and you will not be charged. In fact – if you power the VM down, we do not bill you for the cpu/ram usage! that easy to know difference between cloud and VPS

Pricing Examples (remember – They bill hourly!):
1VCPU/.5GB of Ram/16GB of Storage – ~ $20/month
2VCPU/2GB of Ram/16GB of Storage – ~ $50/month

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all server located at phoenixnap datacenter

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