Promo Cloud VPS Discount 50% GNAX.NET VMware vCloud

Promo Cloud VPS Discount 50% GNAX.NET VMware vCloud, GNAX Cloud Service is Not Cheap this is Beta Offer. At Before Gnax Give LIMIT FREE CLOUD VMWARE vCloud Service :  for $1 with the following specs each:
CPU 1 ghz
Ram 1 gig
SAN 40 gig

but this cloud offer is ended :mrgreen:

GNAX same as netdepot

Based on VMware vCloud Director, GNAX Cloud enables you to manage your online infrastructure easier than ever before via a self-service web portal. From there you can maximize resource utilization while enhancing the security, reliability and flexibility of the business you conduct online. data center is Atlanta, Georgia

  • Provision virtual servers on demand – as many as your resources can handle
  • Group servers together for easy organizational management
  • Select and load software and deploy VMs from a pre-defined list in minutes
  • Automate resource management with internal policies
  • Fully configure and manage your network and security from one point
  • Manage your application’s performance with GNAX AppMonitor for free

Here is My Order Configuration With Coupon : gcloud50082611

loud Computer Related Services – GNAX Cloud
» Datacenter Location: Atlanta, Georgia
» CPU and Bandwidth: 1 GHz CPU / 2TB Transfer $20.00 USD
» RAM: 1 GB $8.00 USD
» Public IP Addresses: 2 x Public IP Addresses $0.50 USD
» SAN Storage: 20 GB $10.00 USD
» Firewall: vShield Software Firewall (included)
» Application Monitoring Service Level: AppMonitor Standard (FREE)
Total Order is : $19.50 USD Monthly (i think this Cloud VPS still expensive for me :mrgreen:


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  1. sravani @ December 6th, 2011 7:38 am

    gnax cloud don’t take please its my request, i ordered cloud server than i got after 2 days my cloud than 4th day it went down still 18hours

  2. working @ February 21st, 2012 12:59 pm

    i have use they cloud VPS,,, they vps soo great, but little slow access from my country indoensian

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