SuperB VPS Promo code VPS Offer

You can get nice offering from Promo Code VPS. Buy any Linux VPS and receive 3 months free. Their service is good but their VPS service is little expensive than other VPS hosting provider. If you see their price of Memory 512Mb and Burstable 1 Gb price is $35/month. But, if you want to compare their service with a good superb service, many customer are happy with their service. If you need a very cheap VPS you can go to 2host but their service is really bad service and they get many complains. Not only 2host which give a bad service but there are so many new cheap VPS companies and they will make you really upset. This is why superb place more expensive than the others company because you not only buy VPS but you also need to buy service from them.

lets see the package and service superB vps hosting with promo code :




Your Linux VPS Bonus
Select a Linux VPS plan, Lite and up, to be eligilble for one of these additional bonuses. These bonuses allow you to customize your vps hosting solution to fit your web hosting needs. Simply select your bonus option on the order form before proceeding to check out.

Why should you choose our Linux VPS?
You’re thinking about a dedicated server, but don’t know if you need one yet. You have come to the realization that staying on shared hosting with thousands of other websites is no longer going to cut it. You like the idea of having your hosting solution use a dedicated server, however the $250 per month price point is just out of your budget. Our Linux VPS plans are competitively priced and are scalable so that your resources can grow as your business does.

OpenVZ for Linux Virtual Private Servers
Our Linux VPS Plans utilize OpenVZ technology. OpenVZ shares the host kernel with the guest operating systems creating a more lightweight and easily scalable environment. Each virtual server has root access, CPU allocation, and memory/disk space. With OpenVZ it is possible to upgrade plan resources without a reboot and the virtual machines perform faster without the kernel overhead. Linux virtual servers can be managed via a SolusVM powered web interface which allows power management, VNC direct console access, central (remote) backups, and quick (local) backups. Housed in data centers on the west and east coast (Seattle, WA and McLean, VA respectively) connected by Superb’s coast-to-coast IP Network, our SuperMicro Dual Xeon Quad-Core E5405 servers are power packed with tons of RAM, huge drives in RAID-10 and 100 Mbps of bandwidth

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