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Promo VPS Up2VPS Cheap XEN VPS

here is offer from WHT :

VPS account isolates you from other users on the server,
allowing you to choose your operating system, control panel, and the ability to install software and make changes with full ROOT access, not possible on a regular shared environment.
If your website/s are outgrowing a normal shared environment or you want a more reliable platform for your information, this is the solution. You get all the benefits of performance hardware and speed, without the price tag of a similar server. this promo almost out off stock,, many people have register with UP2VPS

best promo is $15/years = order now

S with cheap XEN VPS Promo

All servers We configured as follows:
# Dual AMD Opteron 4180 or Dual AMD Opteron 4130 x 12 cores or 8 cores
# 32 GB Or 16 GB memory
# 2 x 2 TB hard drives
# Hot-Swap Drives
# Nodes Locations United States Clarks Summit , Seattle

Disk Space 40GB
Monthly Bandwidth 1 TB
Dedicated Memory 1GB
Solusvm Features
1 IP Address

Disk Space 80GB
Monthly Bandwidth 2 TB
Dedicated Memory 2GB
Solusvm Features
1 IP Address
order now

Servers with VolumeDrive in Clarks Summit/Scranton (test IP:, as Seattle appears to have sold out. However Seattle location is available in other plans. For example “UP30″ gives 256MB/512MB memory, 30GB storage, 1TB/month data for $3.99/month is available in Seattle (test IP: “Xen15″ gives you a Xen VPS with 200MB memory, 1GB swap, 15GB storage, 500GB/month data transfer for $4/month. You can also use promo code lowendbox10 on the two plans above to get 10% off discount. get coupon code up2vps here

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  1. d'Armond @ October 22nd, 2011 2:08 am

    This VPS provider is one of the worst. I was their customer for almost a month, and in a 2 week period I had 5-7 outages, with more than 10 hours of downtime. They advertise on their site a 99.9% uptime SLA guarantee, but they don’t actually stand by it. When I pressed them about it, they basically said “too bad.” They care more about getting and keeping your money than providing quality service or standing by their customers. Avoid at all cost.

    Full story and a record of all my support interactions with them can be found on my blog:

  2. A W @ October 27th, 2011 7:02 am

    Absolutely DO NOT purchase any services from this company. Their operation is borderline fraud.

    UP2VPS advertises a 99.9% uptime guarantee, yet in reality the amount of uptime is more around 50% or less.

    I was only with them for 1 month, but that was enough. Within that month, I experienced complete inaccessibility to my VPS near 3 times a week, and much more often I would experience general server instability. Within that month I received 5 emails mentioned 5 different issues explaining instability with services. When I later detailed all the bad service I was getting, presenting evidence of said emails and requesting at minimum a month of free service, I was promptly denied. In fact, the whole issue was marginalized by UP2VPS, and I was even recommended to terminate my account if I didn’t like the service I was getting. They even denied I was encountering bad service by stating I wasn’t even on the nodes effected. I was shocked with how terrible the customer service was.

    Near the tail end of this, server performance actually stabilized, so against my better judgement I decided to pay them and stick around for another month. BAD MISTAKE. I paid by paypal, and according to paypal my payment went through successfully to their 3rd party who handles payments, 2checkout. I got a message the next day claiming that in fact my payment didn’t go through, and that 2checkout flagged my payment as fraud. UP2VPS stated that I will receive a refund soon. I quickly replied and explained that I never had this problem paying by paypal before, and that paypal stated the payment was made successfully to 2checkout. I submitted a ticket to 2checkout inquiring about the issue and the status of my refund. I relayed this back to UP2VPS.

    Figuring UP2VPS is aware that I’m trying my best to pay them, and working out the situation with 2checkout, I figure they will cut me some slack and not disable/terminate my account for a late payment, especially considering all the poor service I have received. WRONG. My account got suspended the day after the payment was due. I sent an email asking why they suspended my account when I already stated I’m doing my best to work out the issue with 2checkout. I even asked if there was another way I could pay them, possibly even paying them directly with paypal. I remarked how this issue further stained their terrible service record. I got an idiotic, snarky response from UP2VPS threatening to terminate my account because I apparently complain too much. I sent them a heated, blunt reply. Least to say my account is terminated now, essentially for complaining too much for the incredibly horrible service I received. As of yet I have received no refund from 2checkout (it has been 2 days since I submitted a ticket).

    UP2VPS are con artists. DO NOT give them a penny under any circumstances.

  3. Kristofer Clewes @ January 24th, 2012 4:37 am

    Does anybody how solid data

  4. Cloud Hosting @ June 29th, 2012 5:16 pm

    I have learn several. Certainly price on up2vps good cheap vps, if they service not too good., this normally because they are cheap vps provider, if people want good provider vps they can choose vps with higger price..

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