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Free monitoring Service to monitor whether the server is down or not, many people do not know whether the server they use is stable or not because the server is required to monitor the additional program. it’s been a lot of services to monitor server just needed additional funds. if you want to use a free service to monitor the server can use
server monitoring services from has enough features complete with a variety of instant notification, either through email or via SMS


please try the services of a server monitoring service can monitor server per five minutes with a ping or http method, you can use free monitor service for your vps server

It has been 3 years since Uptime Robot has launched.

The service taught us a lot about scaling, advanced HTTP and managing a widely-used product. saw that no two sites, servers or networks are the same and learned how to deal with them all.

try hard to make it stay simple-yet-functional, improve the engine and provide premium-like support

A totally new engine with “second-perfect monitoring”

If you have ever dug the HTTP logs of your site, you may have realized that Uptime Robot is not always checking sites in 5 mins strictly. It is sometimes 5 mins 10 seconds, sometimes, 5 mins 50 seconds and when there is load (on network, etc.), this can change even few minutes.

Although this sounds like a technical detail, it will completely change the stability and capability of Uptime Robot.

Monitors will be checked almost second perfect, downtimes will be detected much better and it will help us to add more features with ease.

Uptime Robot v2

Again simple but much better and many more new features (response time monitoring and reports are some of them).

There are few months left for launching it.

Will it stay free?

Well, no decisions to make it paid.

they tried many ways to monetize it (sponsors, ads, etc.) and experienced that they are all short term.

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