Prometeus launch Windows VPS

Prometeus launch Windows VPS, they offer coupon for windows vps. they offer 50% off discount with Professional Windows VPS run on KVM hypervisors with performant (> 3 Ghz) CPUs, local SSD raid 10 arrays, come with dedicated resources and Microsoft Windows 2012 installed and ready to run, just point your RDP client to the assigned IP and you’re set.


Prometeus Coupon give Discount on 15th birthday Special KVM and OpenVZ VPS

Prometeus coupon on 15th birthday anniversary they give promo discount 15% for all openvz VPS hosting, you can have OpenVZ VPS starting €15.00 semi-annually or if you need KVM you can have this with starting Price: €15.00 semi-annually, To celebrate the 15th anniversary of activity They have setup some special deals, and grab coupon prometeus : 15Y15VZ which give a 15% recurring discount on all budget OpenVZ VPS.

here is package kvm with solid state drive SSD (very limited Stock and almost out of stock, maybe they plan not overselling to much, and need stable for their server) now you can have Cheap VPS KVM with Solid State Drive :
15€ BIZ KVM SSD deals: Check…